Project মাসিক aims to improve MHM, create a safe space and empower people around Bangladesh. Our project has two sections:

1. Educate 

2. Empower 

Our educational workshops have information surrounding menstruation, MHM, the myths and taboos, Q/A session with a Gynaecologist and mediated sessions. At the end of the session, students above the age of 18 will have the opportunity to engage in a training session through which they can gain skills on the production of reusable pads. We also aim to distribute free pads for the students attending these workshops.

OBHIZATRIK Foundation, 20th November 2020

Distribution of reusable pads to 60 students

Vialisa Foundation, 11th December 2021

Project Mashik Workshop conducted for 32 students and 2 staff members. Red Kits distributed for 30 menstruating students. Foundation 21 also donated 4 dustbins for washrooms to maintain hygiene.

Project মাসিক has reached $1000 in funding from GOMAD Grant and the Lighthouse Grant!