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Project মাসিক

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Project মাসিক  has two parts, education and empowerment. This project will look at workshops that will be both educational and personal and training will be conducted on the production of reusable pads.

Launch date: Summer of 2021

Talk Period, বাংলাদেশ

Talk Period, Bangladesh, is a platform that aims to raise awareness, share period stories and talk period unapologetically. It started as a Facebook group in February of 2020, and we have had 1900+ active members who engage in discussions, ask questions and help each other out whenever needed.

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Project RED Kit

Project Red Kit

Project Red Kit aims to provide Red Kits to underprivileged areas, schools and orphanages around Bangladesh. Each donation of Tk.611 goes towards a Red Kit being distributed to a menstruator in need.

Launch date: May, 2021


F21xUWCAC is a chapter for Foundation 21 situated in UWC Atlantic College. I started this chapter to spread awareness regarding menstruation on campus as the students come from 90+ countries, coming from different cultures and having different approaches to menstruation.

Est. 2020



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